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Web Hosting Companies Features Highlights Price/mo Review
WebHostingHub Web Hosting - Longest trial period, full refund in 90 days
- Extra security features with w/suPHP l
$4.95/mo W.H.Hub Review
iPage Web Hosting - Unlimited hosting storage & bandwidth
- Free Sitelock Security Suite
$3.50/mo iPage Review
Hostgator Web Hosting - Guaranteed 99.9% server uptime
- cPanel web hosting with Fantastico
$7.95/mo Hostgator Review
FatCow Web Hosting - Unlimited hosting storage & bandwidth
- Excellent supports, Moo Crew 24/7 standby
$3.50/mo FatCow Review
GreenGeeks Web Hosting - Unlimited hosting storage & bandwidth
- Best eco-friendly web host, 300% green
$4.95/mo GreenGeeks Review

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Q: What is the best hosting for Joomla websites?

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is among the most powerful and popular content management system which is available in the market. Joomla websites have been widely used for all type of business ranging from small business to large corporations. It also allows the users to develop any websites as per their requirements, whether it’s a simple website or large communities, anything that matches your business requirements. There are more than 4000 free and commercial extensions available along with thousands of templates. Joomla website does not require any high level programming skill to manage. Even the non technical users can use and manage these websites efficiently. This is possible because of its user friendly administration interface which is simple, well structured for users to add, edit or delete the content without a lag.

The basic hosting which is required for Joomla is 2.5x, 1.7x and 1.6x are just PHP 5.2.4+, and MySQL 5.0.4+. These are offered by many web hosts but to choose the best from them can be really difficult. If you are looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable host with rich features, then here is the list of good Joomla hosting services .


It has been awarded as the “Best Joomla Hosting” for Joomla Website. This has been possible because of its fast & stable web host services along with responsive support. The performance of database which can be MySQL or PostgreSQL has been well tuning with Joomla. Your Joomla website can run with a very high speed supported by WebHostingHub. It is also affordable and starts from the range of $3.95/month only, and it guarantees you full money back within 90 days and also prorated refund after first 90 days of purchase. It is the best solution for those who have started as an individual freelancer and also for web developers in order to build a Joomla website.


Blue Host has been providing the users with the best hosting solutions, which has benefitted thousands of small and big business and also to the personal web sites since 1996. With some great features complimented with competitive prices, makes it a well established web host provider especially for Joomla Websites. With BlueHost you get quality equipment, highest customer service, maximum guaranteed uptime and also highly functional tools for managing administration.

Unfortunately we do not have a review on BlueHost, you may check out some other sites for more info.

Green Geeks

Green Geeks, servers supports very efficiently all the Joomla 1.5 versions and they have made servers, which are in beta testing phase for supporting latest coming Joomla 1.6 version. GreenGreeks ensures you with a trust worthy and reliable supports for its loyal customers. Services of GreenGeeks are not only reliable and trustworthy but they are also cost-effective and secure.


FatCow has been giving us different alternative in Web hosting field ever since 1998. They provide simple and more customer friendly approach for your business than others.


iPage has earned its reputation among the best and most affordable web hosting service provider. Out of so many cheap hosting providers, it gets very hectic to choose one reliable and also the best provider. But iPage has been very approachable and efficient for small and big business needs.

These were the best Web Hosting service providers for Joomla webistes. You can blindly trust these providers as they are secure and effective as well.

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Q: What is the difference between shared and cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is ruling the market of web hosting these days and it is the most popular form of web hosting. Cloud hosting service is offered within the context of cloud environment, while shared hosting is considered as the most recognized form of web hosting. This is the most affordable platform for the users of all levels. This form of hosting offers liberal resource assignments and this type of hosting is proved to be the good value of money. (read more on how cloud hosting works).

However, the hosting service providers are now offering shared cloud web hosting services where the users will obtain the similar features like shared hosting service like iPage or WebHostingHub, but the difference being in the environment where the hosting will be done. It is expected that this form of web hosting will be very expensive in comparison to other forms of web hosting. But, this form of web hosting will offer manifold advantages that justify the overall cost of the hosting.

However, developers and business are opting cloud web hosting instead of shared hosting services. Cloud hosting has multiple benefits to offer you. But, the traditional hosting system is the most affordable and easiest way to host a website. So, let us find the difference between shared and cloud hosting.

Difference between shared and cloud hosting in terms of price

The overall cost of cloud web hosting services is much higher in comparison to shared web hosting. But, the service providers are trying to lower down the price by fitting more clients in a single cloud server. In this way the price will become lower for the end users. Shared web hosting is the popular and affordable form of web hosting solution. Because of its price structure people are getting enticed towards this web hosting solution. Moreover, the cost of web hosting also depends on the service provider you have select. You should try to select the service provider that can develop a hosting plan to cater your specific need and most importantly the plan should be affordable too.

Additional resources

There are many people who are still wondering what to do when there is a requirement of additional resources. Well, in this section cloud web hosting will be the ultimate selection for you. There are many cloud web hosting companies offering pay-as-you-go pricing structure. This means that the users will need to pay only for the resources that they are using and nothing additional. So, when there is a requirement of additional resources you may simply pay and opt for it. This option is perfect for medium and small sized enterprises looking for controlling expenses in certain areas. Cloud web hosting offers you the facility to categorize the resources of your desire and also enable you to change or remove certain resources or expand your hosting account.

Unfortunately, with traditional shared web hosting solution the users will not get such flexibility, instead the users will be asked to upgrade their entire hosting account when the time comes to add or change resources. So, when you need to remove the unnecessary resources, then you need to pay for this. Therefore, standard shared web hosting solution is not proved to be the good value of money.

So, it will not be exaggerated to say that cloud hosting solution is the ultimate form of web hosting. This form of web hosting is the most preferred option for developers and businesses. Although, shared web hosting is the most reliable options for the beginners looking for low cost hosting solution.

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Q: What Is The Best Hosting For Drupal Websites?

Drupal Official Website

Drupal is often considered as a popular Content Management System (CMS), which manages web content and other online content projects like work of writers, web developers and graphic designers. Drupal is an ultimate CMS, which is a reliable source as far as working of different types of sites is concerned. These sites may vary from business to solely owned personal web pages. Drupal has enhanced the capacity of the web based business firms in order to address the needs and requirements of users. If you are also looking forward to avail Drupal website hosting services, then there are quite a number of considerations to bear in mind.

Some of the important to consider certain details like disk space, availability of bandwidth, database space, number of domains and emails and others. These are some of the main essentials for running a Drupal website. For the beginners, it is quite important to search for an appropriate Drupal Hosting service provider as per the needs and requirements. Here are some of the main findings that are best suitable for Drupal website hosting platforms.


This site ended up being the top favorite Drupal web hosting service provider. It is has a one click installation through the control panel. The websites that are hosted through the HostGator have a quick performance and limited or no downtime. You can avail all the essential features at a reasonable cost of $3.96/month. You can also select from among various other web hosting plans in order to avail benefits of other features.


You will be quite impressed to use the websites hosted by GreenGeeks host. Their servers are specially configured for the Drupal websites and are considered to be the official host of Drupal for the Dummies. A large number of Drupal webmasters make use of this hosting service and provide a positive feedback to the same. You can avail all the needed features at a minimal charge of $4.95 per month.


There has been a slight fall in the popularity of iPage as the most used platform for Drupal websites but still it has maintained a higher spot in the list of bets hosts. You can avail all the essential services like unlimited bandwidth, domains, storage space, emails and marketing ideas, free of cost sitebuilder and other needed things by paying just $2.95 per month. Free of cost security suite is an added and exclusive feature of this host.


It is yet another popular hosting platform for the Drupal web pages. You have to carry out a manual installation. The uploading work is carried on a little faster and you can add only 4 ftp connections. FatCow services are available at a monthly charge of $3.15. You can also choose from among various other plans as per your needs and discretions. All the hosting features will help you in operating your Drupal website in an easy manner.


WebHostingHub is also one of the most popular platforms for Drupal hosting. You can get started by simply installing the software from your cPanel account by a few clicks. You can take the advantage of certain features like easy to use control panel, easy sitebuilder as well as WordPress, ad credits worth $75, unlimited websites, storage space, domains and bandwidth, Google Adwords credits and much more at a cost of $4.95 per month. All these features are enough to support your Drupal based website.

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Q: Is free web hosting service recommended?

It is very crucial for a new online business to keep their costs down. To cut cost they believe to go with free web hosting services. If you already have a website then you might be familiar with few free hosting websites. Websites like Blogger, Squidoo, and MySpace are some of the sites people are using these days. But, is it a wise decision to use free web hosting services to save few bucks?

Well, answer to this question is a big “NO”! Free web hosting is not the best bet for long run. Free web hosting will not provide you quality services for long run. But, in the inception of the business you may use free hosting services to keep the cost down. Free hosting services are only perfect for new businesses, but remember to keep the free options as the temporary stepping stone because later you may need to switch to paid alternative to reap maximum benefits from web hosting.

Alike other businesses, in web hosting also you get what you pay for. Free web hosting is the perfect selection for personal purposes like to gain some experiences, hobby websites and setting up family websites. Moreover, when you use free web hosting services the web hosting company becomes authorized to post banner ads on your website. The hosting company actually earns money from these ads. As a businessman, you should only allow to display the ads that are paid, not the free ones.

Loads of headaches are associated with free hosting services and as a result you will search for some other paid alternative to get rid from these headaches. The process of hosting a website may seem complicated and confusing and sometime all your efforts and hard work will go in vain. As an online business owner you need to invest in core infrastructure in order to reap maximum benefits later. So, it is always better to opt for paid hosting instead of free one.

To avail the services of a quality web hosting you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. There are many web hosting companies out there offering affordable hosting services.

In free hosting services the business owners don’t need to pay a single penny to get online presence. However, it is quite difficult to find out the advantages that a person obtains from free services. The major benefit you will obtain is that you don’t need to pay anything to host your website. Instead, the list of disadvantages may go lengthier than benefits. The free hosting services are hardly concerned about the websites. If you prefer to use free hosting services, then you may get ready to find some other paid alternative because the online presence of your website will not last for longer. Moreover, the downtime offered by free services is never ending. Besides, the disk space and bandwidth offered is not sufficient. The list of disadvantages is never ending for free services. Most importantly, the chance of being hacked and spammed is also higher with free hosting services. In free hosting services you don’t pay anything so you should not expect anything in return!

Now, you might have come to know about the downside and positive points of free hosting services. Well, it will be easier for you now to make informative and correct decision in terms of web hosting. In sake of saving money you should not just go ahead and opt for free hosting services. Instead, you may go for paid ones if you want to reap maxim benefits. If you need help, check out our awesome web host shopping guide; or read our hosting review for start.

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Q: Where Can I Find Cheap And Reliable Web Host?

Cheap Web Hosting Guides

At the first instance, it is quite difficult to figure out a cheap and reliable web hosting service. It takes proper time and years of experience to realize the working of the web hosting market. A long term interaction with the online entrepreneurs can help you in learning more about the world of web hosting. IN order to get the desired results, you are required to analyze, twist and implement the things in the best possible manner. It is quite a daunting task to find a cheap and reliable web hosting service provider in the present day overcrowded hosting market. With the help of proper knowledge and experience, you can carry out this task in a quite impressive manner.

By having a closer look at the present day hosting market, you might be able to locate only 4-5 decent choices. However, if you are determined enough, you can dig out couple of more cheap and reliable web hosting service providers without any problem. Such web hosts do not have higher budget to carry on advertising campaigns to create a market presence like the bigger hosts. However, they are still capable of providing highly professional and reliable services. The best part includes low cost services as they have no liabilities to pay off in form of support staff and marketing expenditure.

There are some good and known providers of economical and highly reliable web hosting services. Some of these most popular web hosts are highlighted below in this article.


iPage is one of the top most web hosting service providers in the history of internet. The company has over 10 years of experience and has organized a whole lot of websites for individuals and business houses. They offer unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL database memory, unlimited domains and bandwidth, full online assistance, chat, e-mail with the domain name and free of cost e-storage that too at a reasonable charge of $2.95*/month and a money back guarantee.


FatCow is one of the cheapest web host service provider available for the website owners. They offer their services at such a rate that won’t even buy a burger. Unlimited hard drive capacity, unlimited bandwidth, domain e-mail, unlimited database and a few other features are offered by FatCow at a reasonable charge of $3.15 per month.


HostMoster is one of the premiere names in the web hosting world and is a popular choice of a large number of business people. The cutting edge technology and reasonable cost of service are the main reasons behind its popularity. A wide range of hosting schemes, matching your budget are offered by HostMonster in addition to some distinguishing value added services like web designing toolbars, control panel service, web page maintenance, free sitebuilder, 100 Google Adwords credits and 24 hours customer support.


It is a reliable and affordable web host with all kinds of features and tools needed in a newly build website. You can avail unlimited GB’s of storage space, unlimited GB’s of data transfer, unlimited domain and e-mails, free of cost sitebuilder and much more at a pocket friendly price of $3.75 per month.


Greengeeks is green, cheap, and reliable web host, which is mainly known for its high standards and highly optimized services. Unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains, unlimited storage disk, unlimited database space, free of cost site migration and marketing credits are available to the web business personnel at a nominal cost of $4.95 per month.


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